The Allen Coral Atlas, powered by Arizona State University, maps the world’s coral reefs and monitors their threats to provide actionable data and a shared understanding of coastal ecosystems.

Discover the world's coral reefs

With global habitat maps, a bleaching monitoring system, turbidity detection, and the entire suite of Allen Coral Atlas data features created to support informed management of your reefs.

Benthic habitat map
Dive under the waves and explore our global habitat maps. The maps classify reefs into benthic and geomorphic zones to support reef restoration and protection.
Bleaching monitoring system and legend
Identify reefs experiencing low, moderate, and severe bleaching with the Atlas monitoring system. Know when and where to focus restoration efforts.
Fiji turbidity
Monitor changes in water quality over time by identifying turbidity in your area. Use it to identify sources of land-based pollution and prioritize action.

About Us

The Allen Coral Atlas is a game-changing coral conservation tool powered by Arizona State University and developed in partnership with coral reef scientists, universities, NGOs, and private entities.

Our goal is to assist stakeholders ranging from local communities to regional and national governments to reach their coral reef conservation goals.  With the Atlas, coral conservationists, reef managers, and scientists have access to information that has never before been available at this scale.

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